Vibrant food for an energetic mind

Vibrant food for an energetic mind

With a vision of supporting holistic healing by inspiring a green and sustainable way of life in the community, our chef has carefully prepared all the dishes with the highest level of hygiene and safety. All herbs are gathered from our garden, and fresh ingredients are bought daily from local markét, carefully making each dish with utmost care and precision.

mood bistro's diverse menu is a unique, creative and contemporary interpretation of Vietnamese family trays and other famous cuisines worldwide.

An intriguing drinks menu, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, is inherently made from tropical fruits. Especially, signature cocktail/mocktail drinks for each guest in Happy Hour every 3-5 p.m. will take you into a sense of pure excitement and delight.



Aiming for a healthy lifestyle and local cultural connection, Mood Bistro offers an extensive menu with typical dishes from Central region of Vietnam

- 100% fresh and raw ingredients from Hoi An/Vietnam.
- The dishes are processed mainly by baking, steaming, boiling methods, limiting frying or using a lot of fat.
- Healthy nut milk (soy, almond, oat...).
- Cafe & brunch is served all days in the week.

Menu with a variety of fresh vegetables, salads, and rich protein foods

A unique combination of authentic Vietnamese family meals that are normally served in a round tray and creative Vietnamese dishes decorated in a modern way to create a homelike feeling.


mood bistro offers a wide variety of drink options, suitable for customers of all ages:Mineral water, tea & coffee, beer, juice, vitamin, milk shake, detox water, mocktails, cocktails, wines ...